Lady Jaina Proudmoore defeated and Battle of Dazar’alor cleared.

Posted by pwnanza 20th March 2019 in PROGRESS

Battle for Dazar’alor was our first complete tier since we came back to the game and despite falling short on our expectations for some of the bosses, it was extremely refreshing to once again finish a full tier as a guild and to progress on some very challenging encounters.

As expected after a fresh reform there were a few changes in both roster and raiding routines throughout progress but we’re excited with what the future holds and have managed to build a solid base to work from. Jaina Proudmoore was without a doubt a huge challenge with the rest of the bosses being slightly more lackluster. Here’s the wipe count:

  • Champions of Light 0
  • Grong, the Jungle Lord 20
  • Jadefire Masters 18
  • Opulence 45
  • Conclave of the Chosen 25
  • King Rastakhan 30
  • High Tinker Mekkatorque 75
  • Stormwall Blockade 115
  • Lady Jaina Proudmoore 399

From the bosses in the instance, Opulence, Stormwall Blockade and Jaina really managed to put us to the test, with Jaina forcing a final push and a lot of attempts squeezed in 2 days in order to push the last 0.1% (not progress if we don’t get a 0.1% wipe, right?). She ended up dieing within 30 minutes of start of the raid, in the last day of the reset.

We finished the tier with as World 138th. For videos of our kills, please visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel.