We’re back and we’re ready for battle (for Azeroth)!

Posted by pwnanza 16th November 2018 in PWNANZA

Some say to never go back to a place you were once happy but two years is a long time and after a break, from the beggining of Legion until the end of Uldir, we’re back with the same ambition that saw us climb the ladder in the past.

Not many things are different this time around. Our management is still the same and a large part of the community and the support we had before is still all here. We’ve had both new and old people join our ranks and are currently going through the process of consolidating our raiding and our routines. We’re hopeful that we can use Battle for Dazar’alor as a good test to what comes next.

In terms of goals, we’ve kept the same attitude towards our rank, always aimed at increasing the raiding quality to the same standards that saw us reach World 5th in Hellfire Citadel, focused on ourselves and sticking to our schedule.

The path ahead is probably a long one but we’re definitely hopefule about what it will bring and excited to once again start and develop a project that gave so much to us in the past. As always, we’re looking for exceptional players to join and if you think you can fit in or simply want to say hi, get in touch with us!